BINI with Nine Souls, short story by Samar Zughool

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In the streets of Istanbul, BINI walked their way. Under the trees with Nadia, they wondered, “Wait! What? but why they?” In less than a few seconds, the whole world made more sense.

BINI danced in the shoes of many as unique creatures themselves. In their nine souls, their ego vanished into many tails, in the blue trousers they admired, in the smell of a morning meal made out of protein by a woman who knew when to be as cruel as life can be and as tender as a soft marshmallow in a cheating pleasure between dawn and morning.

In that last hour, BINI drank her out under a hot shower. BINI knew that this woman would be their only god if they would ever be theist with such great harmony. BINI let her go as one of the rich journeys in nine egoless souls.

“Be real! it is not that complicated (?).” BINI knew the rebel in you, but they also knew that their power laid in the egoless journeys of their nine souls. Because eventually, BINI is a reflective mirror of you, me, and many others.

BINI is an echo of “they, them and their.” BINI was real, but it did not fit your standards of how realness should look and feel. BINI is real, but their reality and realness can be as fluid and diverse as nine souls can be.

She and they are no longer lovers, but they will always remain a prosperous journey in nine egoless souls, a woman who is the one and only god if BINI will ever become theist.