Multicultural and Sustainable Society is Consciousness based

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 How many different cultures could live together in harmony? This question only can be answered by seeing human society as the part of the larger more primordial systems. Basic system is UNIVERSE, first subsystem is MILKY WAY, third subsystem is SOLAR SYSTEM, forth subsystem is PLANET EARTH, the fifth subsystem is NATURE, the sixth one is HUMAN SOCIETY.

We are the last outcome of universal dynamics, development of life, development of homo sapiens, development of intelligent and conscious beings.

First thing we need to understand is that evolution of life is a part of universal dynamics. In entire universe life is developing in intelligent and conscious beings. For sure we are not the only civilization in this universe. Why? Because universe is a system with constant entropy.


Evolution of life is organization of matter into systems with lower entropy. Life is maintaining lower entropy because it is developing in space which has no entropy. Evolution of life is the consistent part of universal dynamics which is developing towards lowest possible entropy which is consciousness.

Consciousness is the primordial non-created system of the universe. Entire evolution is developing towards consciousness.

Consciousness means health, creativity, wisdom, friendship, mental health, sustainable development of society. Conscious individual is putting love for life in front of love for profit.

Absence of consciousness means: illness, violence, mental illness, egoism, pollution of soil, air and water.

We are not free to chose our way of living. The entire universe is pushing us towards consciousness. Sure, we are resisting and this creates pain and high entropy of modern society.

Two different minds which belong to two different cultures (religions) have no substantial background to coexist. Because of the conflict between different cultures is inevitable.


Consciousness is the common ground of different cultures co-existence. Once you are in contact with the consciousness you have larger identification which is embracing entire existence. You know that deep down entire universe is made out of the “same stuff”.

In every human being consciousness as acting as love, compassion, the ability of being aware of how your mind works. Once we are free of our minds, we are free of all nonsense our narrow minds create. Introducing consciousness worldwide is the only way to reach multicultural society which will live in harmony and co-existence with nature.

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Srečko Šorli

Bijective Physics Institute, Slovenia


Srečko Šorli